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d'Arenberg The Lucky Lizard (8.3)
"Very nice - butter flavour" "very fresh and lovely" "Smells great - tastes better" "Crisp, buttery and lots of fruit" More>>

d'Arenberg The Lucky Lizard $28.00
Macquariedale Estate Late Picked Semillon (8.2)
"Lovely sweetie" "Not sickly sweet" "Mwah!" More>>

Macquariedale Estate Late Picked Semillon $24.00
Tyrrell's Wines Vat 1 Chardonnay (8.1)
"Buttery, slightly oaky" "All time fav" "tastes European but it isn't" "Too woody" "This is me - it has to be a chardy" "Own Town Chardy" "Big rich chalky" More>>

Tyrrell's Wines Vat 1 Chardonnay $47.50
Macquariedale Estate Verdelho (7.8)
"Light and fresh" "Very fresh and tangy" "Lemon acid" "The cleanest taste" "Light apricot and lime - love it" More>>

Macquariedale Estate Verdelho $22.00
Wirra Wirra The 12th Man (7.8)
"Chardy - American oak shavings" "Oak rules !! :-) " Bit too woody for me" "Very fruity and good to drink" More>>

Wirra Wirra The 12th Man $25.00
Pikes Reisling (7.7)
"Smooth, buttery" "Initially impressed but didn't like it after aired more" "Oiley and smooth" "Light and a hint of Oak" "has the petrol of reisling" More>>

Pikes Reisling $19.00
Pierro Margaret River Chardonnay (7.7)
"Soft but watery" "The classic charddy" "Triffic - well worth the money" "Now we're getting into the good gear" More>>

Pierro Margaret River Chardonnay $99.99
Settlement Wines Chardonnay (7.6)
"Smells good and tastes good" "Warm and lush - light straw - green tinge" More>>

Settlement Wines Chardonnay $25.00
Macquariedale Estate Semillon (7.5)
"Ripper light Sem. great balance" "very refreshing" "Lovely to drink now - very light" "An excellent taste for a young wine" More>>

Macquariedale Estate Semillon $20.00
Moorebank Chardonnay Verdelho (7.5)
"Good drinking but not inspiring" "Yummmmmy" "A bit heavy / woody for me" "Tricked me! Very nice" "Not the best blend" More>>

Moorebank Chardonnay Verdelho $20.00
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