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First Creek Chardonnay (8.1)
"Best of the night so far" "Very buttery and smooth. Velvet" "Lovely" "Slight oak ??? Buttery" "Pleasant" More>>

First Creek Chardonnay $20.00
Devil's Lair Margaret River Chardonnay (8.1)
"Noice. Right up my alley" "Watery, light affair, a bit astringent" "The classic chardy" "Great full mount - a pearler" "Delicieux" More>>

Devil's Lair Margaret River Chardonnay $32.35
Gembrook Hill Chardonnay (8.0)
"Classic, big-oaked chardonnay" "Very buttery" "My style of chardonnay" "Oaky Pokey" More>>

Gembrook Hill Chardonnay $31.95
Macon-Villages Chardonnay (7.5)
"Clean. Crisp. Cold" "Would be perfect with fresh flathead" "Nice and clean" "A pleasant wine" "Nice round flavour. Pleasant after taste" More>>

Macon-Villages Chardonnay $11.00
Heemskerk Riesling (7.5)
"Lovely and Bitey" "Strong. Intense. Aromatic" "Vibrant colour" "Crisp fresh" "Grassy green drop" "Crisp - perfect lunchtime drop" More>>

Heemskerk Riesling $36.09
Toolangi Estate Chardonnay (7.5)
"Nice, fresh" "Tangy" "More 'Now' - lighter oaked" "Yeah, good but liked the other (Gembrook Hill Chardonnay) better" "Great aroma, fresher than the other one (Gembrook)" More>>

Toolangi Estate Chardonnay $52.95
Macquariedale Organic Wines Chardonnay (7.4)
"Edible" "Nice" "Quite sweet. Fresh and lively" "Explosion of flavours" "Very pear smell/taste" "Summer quaffer" "Noice" More>>

Macquariedale Organic Wines Chardonnay $24.00
Nantua Les Deux (7.4)
"Flattens out in the end" "Bit more on the back palate" "Too woody and green for me" "Average. Bitter aftertaste" More>>

Nantua Les Deux $47.49
Louis Latour Chassagne Montrachet Premier Cru (7.1)
"Honey taste - maybe too much for me" "Lovely, pleasant drinking. Has character" "Not a fan. A bit flavourless" "Beautiful baby" More>>

Louis Latour Chassagne Montrachet Premier Cru $100.00
Oakridge The Parish (of Gruyere) Chardonnay (6.9)
"Playfull wine." "Bold Flavour" "A bit fruity" "Efficient, slightly lifeless" "Its OK. Made in French style" More>>

Oakridge The Parish (of Gruyere) Chardonnay $24.00
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