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Wines from July 2012 to June 2013


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Allandale Chardonnay (8.1)
"Charddy" "A lovely chardonnay. Great flavour" "Too much bitterness for me" "Bit too oakey" "Industrial charddy" "Big boofy" "Perfect" More>>

Allandale Chardonnay $18.00
Cape Mentelle Chardonnay (8.1)
"Buttery charddy" "Bit too heavy for me" "Fruity and lovely" "Cracka WA. Delicate and interesting" More>>

Cape Mentelle Chardonnay $37.00
Xanadu Marget River Chardonnay (7.9)
"Woody apricot" "Woody, herbs , very yellow" "Golden, Oaky, Spicy" "Morning air" "Grandma's panties" "Rich classic chardonnay" More>>

Xanadu Marget River Chardonnay $36.00
Domain Astrue Chardonnay (7.8)
"Gorgeous" "Beautiful buttery lovely drop" "Nice plonk - bits of wood" "Love the nutty flavours" More>>

Domain Astrue Chardonnay $13.90
Paradox White Cabernet (7.6)
"Very nice flavours" "Light and blond" "Prawn" "I like that more" "Not big aroma" "Sweaty dog fur" (Grays special) More>>

Paradox White Cabernet $8.00
Voyager Estate Chardonnay (7.6)
"A different taste but I like it" "the oak of charddy" "I hear you Chris" "Pretty good plonker" "Oaky and nice" More>>

Voyager Estate Chardonnay $33.00
Tyrrell's Vat 1 Hunter Semillon (7.6)
"Refreshing" "Refreshing - as I told Lee-Anne and she copied" "Ditto" "Yes, it is refreshing" "Dry white, good summer drink "It's very nice - light" More>>

Tyrrell's Vat 1 Hunter Semillon $49.85
Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay (7.4)
"Tough up front and lingering taste" "Good fruit depth - sweet to finish" "Great drunk smooth tasty" More>>

Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay $21.80
Bay of Fires Pinot Gris (7.4)
"Base balance is perfect" "Sweet, with balance" "Interesting aroma, surprising taste" "Bubbly things" Viva Italia" More>>

Bay of Fires Pinot Gris $23.70
Printhie Mountain Range Chardonnay (7.3)
"Unsure" "Smelss great. A touch sour" "Quaffer" "I don't mind it" "Well rounded" "Slightly buttery, smooth" "Unremarkable" More>>

Printhie Mountain Range Chardonnay $17.00
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