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Lavender Ridge Semillon (8.2)
"Smooth, slightly oaky" "Punchy. Flavour and smells great" "Lucious" "Well rounded, good fruit" More>>

Lavender Ridge Semillon $4.20
McLeish Estate Semillon (8.1)
"Lovely and golden" "Mellow yellow" "Beautiful and very drinkable" "Smooth, full of flavour. Thumbs Up!" (tasted side-by-side with the McLeish 2012 Semillon) More>>

McLeish Estate Semillon $25.00
Moorooduc Estate Chardonnay (8.1)
"Cracka. Love it" "Gorgeous!!!!" "Very smooth - not hard" More>>

Moorooduc Estate Chardonnay $35.00
Moorooduc Estate Pinot Gris (7.9)
"Now that's smooth. Excellent" "Young but nice" "Quite smooth" "A little dry" More>>

Moorooduc Estate Pinot Gris $32.00
Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Yarra Valley (7.7)
"Bitter, strong smell" "Very refreshing Charddy" "C├ęst Magnifique" "Tangy and tasty" "Big chardonnay" More>>

Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Yarra Valley $39.99
Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon (7.6)
"Young Wood" (Sally?) "Mother's milk Charddy" (NOT) "An old chardonnay" NOT More>>

Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon $15.00
Pooles Rock Semillon (7.5)
"Dunno what this is - white blend?" "A mystery wine" "Unsure, nice tasting" More>>

Pooles Rock Semillon $35.15
Grosset Chardonnay (7.5)
"Buttery chardonnay" "Slightly sour after taste" "Big malolactic smash" More>>

Grosset Chardonnay $50.35
LaZona Arneis (7.4)
"Very light and tasty" "Nice - slightly grassy" "Very fresh - great for this steamy weather" More>>

LaZona Arneis $15.15
Taylors Riesling (7.4)
"Bit of citrus but easy drinking" "Strong" "I like this but struggling with the variety" "Crsipness that sparkles - R or S?" More>>

Taylors Riesling $16.00
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