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Brands Reisling (8.4)
Old, spirity, mellow. Smocky, citrus, success. Works for me. MMmmmmmmmmmmmm, yellow. More>>

Brands Reisling $23.95
Vino Gusto Verdelho (8.3)
"Beautiful balance and flavour - love it" "Perfectly balanced" More>>

Vino Gusto Verdelho $4.69
Tapestry Verdehlo (8.1)
"Grassy green, with a bit of acid" "Pale yellow, strong odour - woody" More>>

Tapestry Verdehlo $21.95
Crabtree (8)
"Golden straw, strong mouth feel" "Structure" "Ok , not exciting" "Um, very watery" More>>

Crabtree $24.95
McWilliams Elizabeth (7.9)
has the age, the colour - my type of wine. Old, with lots of spirit. AGolden, a little weak on palate. Tastes newer than it is. More>>

McWilliams Elizabeth $30.00
Crabtree (7.8)
"Extremely well balanced" "Crisp dry, residual sweetness" "Smooth as fruit nectar, Beautifulllllllllll" More>>

Crabtree $24.00
Bannockburn Chardonnay (7.8)
"Smokey bacon" "Soapy, peachy" "Not much taste" "Appears to be Chardy but its here at Cheryls place" "Toasty and lovely" More>>

Bannockburn Chardonnay $45.95
Baron (7.6)
"Fresh and lively" "High quality - nice after flavour" "Soft with a hit" More>>

Baron $6.00
Tamar Ridge (7.6)
Light, pale straw colours. Well this looks like water but goes with figs magnificently. More>>

Tamar Ridge $15.70
Tempus Two (7.6)
"Luscious." "Golden sweet. Citrus sweetness, light golden, reasonably clean on back palate." "Cheap attempt a high marks!" More>>

Tempus Two $20.00
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