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Ross McDonald from Macquariedale Organic Wines visited the Throsby Creek Oenological Phalanx last night.

In a special night, organised by host Pete, Ross explained the virtures and technical details of his organic and biodynamic approach to his wine growing and wine production.  Oodles of questions were directed to Ross (often in parallel) and he fantastically quenched our thirst for knowledge.

On the tasting side of things, the wines were all great. The wine of the night was the 2010 Verdelho, but the Thomas Shiraz and the Matthew Merlot were also well received. Emma's Bubbles was a cracking way to start the night as well. The full tasting notes from the night will be available here soon.

Thanks very much to Ross for bringing his wines to us and for his patience and good nature. If you was to taste a great collection of wines as well as do your body (and the earth) a favour, head up to Macquariedale Estate and get yourself some great wine.

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